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website analytics tracking

Implementing tracking is hard & requires specific know-how. Tools like Segment and Mixpanel don't collect all the right data. The SiteHound Javascript library fixes both.

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The easiest way to send the right data to:

Instant analytics tracking

Track the right things without endless setup & specialist know-how.

Great for both marketing & product

Better understand your customer sources, behaviour & engagement.

Great for startups & large companies

Works with any type of site, be it e-commerce, marketplace or B2B.

Drop-in Javascript library

Easy integration via your tag manager of choice.

Supercharge Segment & Mixpanel

The easiest way to implement Segment or Mixpanel. Other platforms can be added via adaptors.

Enhance your existing tracking

Plays nice with existing tracking code, adding useful additional properties and events on top.

As used by:

It Just Works.

SiteHound is a Javascript library that sends user and event data directly to your analytics tooling via, or directly to Mixpanel. (Support for other analytics libraries can be added via adaptors.)

SiteHound provides a bunch of smart functionality behind the scenes to ensure you have the correct and accurate data you need. You can safely avoid having to reinvent the wheel just to track your site, and not regret missing the data necessary to answer key questions about your user behaviour.

You can use SiteHound if you need:

Already tracking data? SiteHound plays nice with existing tracking - so is likely a great fit whether you're just setting up your analytics tracking for the first time, or looking to take your existing tracking to the next level to answer more key questions about your user acquisition and behaviour.

SiteHound was developed based on experience with the analytics tracking needs of many tens of sites of different kinds, including companies within the 500 Startups Distro Dojo programs.

Read more about how it works, or dive in and get started.

Updated 14th April 2016